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I have always loved being creative with the camera. It started when I used to go on many road trips with my father and his classic car,  I wanted the rest of the family to experience  the journey that we were taking, so I filmed it all using a camcorder and a few Go Pro's that I stuck to the outside of the car.    When I returned, I would edit it all together, and would spend hours finding the right music to go with it.   These films turned out to be legendary amongst my family, with my father wearing out the DVDs as he played them whenever someone came over to visit.  

Since then I have put my video skills to corporate work and through the years have continued to learn new video and editing techniques as well as keeping up to date with the best camera gear and accessories.  

I have over 20 years background in the professional audio Industry and know that it is the ambience, music and spoken words that make up 50% of any film. It is what tells the story.   The only way to do this to a professional standard is to make sure all the key points of the wedding are recorded using the best in class microphones.  

I have attended two family weddings (and a funeral) all under covid restrictions and this has made me realise that it is more important than ever that these special days are captured on film.  Not only can you re-live it again and again but you are able to share these moments with loved ones who were not able to be there. 

Steve Coulter

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